Frequently Asked Tax & Accounting Questions

Do I need to register for a GST number?

If you are already registered with an HST number you do not need to register for a GST number. Your HST account will automatically switch over to a GST account.
Make sure to change your invoices on April 1, 2013 to only charge GST or GST and PST if it is applicable to you.
If you don’t already have a GST account you don’t need to register until your total sales, before any expenses, reaches the “Small Supplier” threshold of $30,000 in any single calendar quarter and in the last four consecutive calendar quarters. This would mean if you earned $32,000 collectively in the last four quarters, you should register and collect GST for the start of the next quarter.
If you have hit this threshold you can register at the following website: Revenue Canada GST for Business Information, or contact our office and we can help you register. If you are collecting GST you must be registered and you must remit all amounts collected to CRA.
For more information on GST please contact us or review RC4022, the general information guide for GST/HST registrants.

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